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6 Ways to Market Autumn Collection Clothes Effectively via Email

Fall is in full swing, which means it’s time to change your email marketing aesthetic to reflect the shift in weather and sunlight! But it’s also an excellent opportunity to promote your autumn clothing collection, especially if you have several pieces that are best worn in the windy and chilly days ahead.

Not sure where to start? Let us show you six clever ways to promote your autumn collection through email marketing.

Use Fall Colors in Your Emails

For starters, start using more fall-themed colors and shades in all of your marketing emails. Do your marketing emails have a colored border to make them seem more like postcards? In that case, make sure the border is brown, yellow, orange, red, and similar shades.

Generally, if the color works for Halloween or Thanksgiving, it works for your fall marketing emails as well. The color theme in your emails does a lot to immediately signal to your target audience that you’re changing with the seasons, plus get them in the mindset of looking for fall-appropriate clothes. It’s a subtle form of subconscious marketing that you shouldn’t ignore.

Create your email marketing campaign with tools like PosterMyWall, then include this color-shifting philosophy in every aspect of your marketing emails, including:

  • The colors of your links or sign-up buttons
  • The colors of your product borders
  • Anything else you can think of that has a color

Theme Your Clothes with Upcoming Holidays

Of course, fall is also a favorite season for many because it’s home to many popular holidays, with Halloween and Thanksgiving being the most well-known. You can theme your clothes with these upcoming holidays and benefit from some passive association marketing.

For example, have one of your clothing models stand in a pumpkin field in a new scarf or coat. That way, your prospective buyers can immediately see when and where they can wear your autumn collection articles.

Highlight the Cooling Weather with Strategic Pics

Indeed, you should leverage our collective visual focus by putting strategic, fall-themed pictures in all of your marketing emails. To sell any clothing, you have to stage and snap quality photos that showcase those clothes in all of their glory.

But you should highlight the cooling weather and the general fall ambiance in your autumn promotions going forward. For instance:

  • Have your models take pictures in fields or in yards with lots of multicolored leaves on the ground
  • Have your models stand outside when it’s visibly chilly so the value of the clothes is multiplied
  • Capture your pictures during the golden hour so the ambient light is fantastic, even if it looks a bit bleak or stark outside

If you take your pictures strategically to take advantage of the fall weather, your autumn clothing collection will likely sell much more consistently.

Include Quirky Photos or Decorations in Your Emails

It’s never a bad thing to decorate your marketing emails to reflect the fall season! Throw a few pictures of pumpkins, jack-o’-lanterns, turkeys, or even trees turning colors throughout your marketing emails over the next few months.

Quirky photos and decorations can help you promote your autumn collection by making your emails appear more personable and fun. No one wants their advertisements to be too aggressive or pushy. But if your marketing emails use the right language and fun decorations, they’ll be approachable, interesting, and day-brighteners for your target audience members (all of which makes them less likely to toss your emails into the garbage folder of their inbox).

Email Frequently Before Black Friday

Autumn is also home to Black Friday: easily the biggest and most important shopping day of the year. In the run-up to Black Friday, you should email frequently. Aim to send at least one email per week to every lead or target customer, if not several per week.

Those emails should be personalized, have special offers or deals selected for each individual customer, and be designed for maximum conversion. Don’t hesitate to make a big deal about all the upcoming sales and discounts you have in mind! It’s the best way to get people to come to your site or retail store when Black Friday rolls around.

Streamline the Subject Line

Lastly, do some work on your email marketing subject lines to promote your autumn collection. Because of the above-mentioned Black Friday, many people are hardwired to throw away or ignore marketing emails as soon as they send them.

Stellar, captivating, and punchy subject lines may arrest this tendency and convince your target audience members to glance at your autumn collection emails. If your autumn collection is worth buying, just getting your target consumers to open your emails could result in new sales.

With the right email marketing strategies, you’ll promote your autumn collection and make more sales than ever. Good luck!

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