A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Kitchen Wall Decals Stick

A freshly painted wall usually looks lovely, but what if it gets old after several months and loses its grace? In that situation, using additional decor items would be the ideal option for you. As a result, when it comes to ornamental objects, kitchen wall decals are something that everyone notices. Using family wall decals was not a popular trend among users previously. However, where most people have issues is when they stick them on the walls.

There could be a number of reasons why your house wall decals aren’t sticking to the wall. It is also necessary to understand how to properly apply them to the walls. We have illuminated a few measures or ideas that will assist you in pasting them on the wall and achieving a look worth admiring. Continue reading this extensive write-up to get a better understanding of the information!

Why Don’t Wall Decals Always Stick?

Before we go take it any further, here are some pointers on how to apply wall decals to your kitchen walls. Let’s have a precise look at the various aspects that contribute to non-sticking kitchen wall stickers. Continue reading this post to get a better understanding of the information!

Walls that are filthy

It is nearly difficult for family wall decals to adhere to grime and dirt if your kitchen walls are not clean. Furthermore, the filth and grime will form a coating on the wall, preventing them from adhering to the surface.

New Paint

If you have lately painted your kitchen walls, you will be unable to apply the wall decals. This majorly occurs due to the fact that the paint produces the gases for up to two weeks after it has been cured. These gases can also cause adhesives to fail.

Cold Walls or Vinyl

When the walls or kitchen quotations decals are too cold, the vinyl will not adhere correctly to the wall. This is because it reduces the sticker’s capacity to be pasted or attached to the wall.

Walls that are unfinished

The unfinished or unpainted walls are on surfaces where scripture wall decals cannot adhere. Also, aged, peeling paint can prevent your decal from staying. If your walls are unpainted and unfinished, you must take care of that before installing the wall decal.

Walls with Texture

Some vinyl wall decals do not work well with walls that have a layer of texture.

Walls that are too dry

If you are likely to wait too long after receiving your wall decals before putting them on, the adhesive layer will dry out and become like glue.


If you use sealants as a protection layer on your walls, you should avoid utilizing wall decals since they will not stick. If the sealant is present beneath the vinyl, it might cause a bubbly or curling look.

Low-Cost Vinyl

Low-quality products never last long, and inexpensive scripture wall decals are no exception. Furthermore, these products do not have a lot of adhesive, which can cause them to come off the wall or peel.

How Do You Get Wall Decals to Stick?

It will be simple to locate a remedy once you have determined why your decal or kitchen quote is not adhering properly to the walls. As a result, it may be simple for you to select the best solution, and to make it even easier, we have listed a number of them. Continue reading to get a better understanding of the information!

Wash the Wall

Kitchen walls are prone to filth and grime, as well as oil from cooking. As a result, you can use dish soap and water to gently scrape the wall. After you’ve eliminated the accumulated filth, concentrate on drying the wall before proceeding with the cleaning.

Warm up the Decal

Before applying a kitchen wall decal, carefully run a low-power dryer back and forth over both the wall and the decal of your home. Following that, proceed with the specified heating parts of the walls before installing the kitchen wall stickers.

The Decal should be rubbed

You must rub along the back of the decal over the walls with a firm item, such as a tennis ball. This aids in pressing the vinyl into the valleys and mountains created by texturing the walls.

Sand down the wall

If your wall decal is still having issues adhering to the wall texturing, you can use a paint scraper or sandpaper to smooth the wall out. This will also assist in leveling the surface and make it much easier to apply the vinyl to the wall.

Glue is required

Brush the white glue over the adhesive side of the scripture wall decals on a regular basis. This will help to reinforce the adhesive as well as bring the sticky component back to life after it has dried.

Buy a New Decal

If nothing else has worked for you, you can often get new wall decals; if nothing else has worked for you, then the wall decals that are too bad or damaged in any way. It is important to remember that losing the adhesion of wall decals as they age or are relocated is not normal. In these instances, there may be no other option but to purchase the new wall decals.

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