“Explore Baltoro Glacier and Concordia in our Epic K2 Base Camp Trek in Pakistan”

Trek Highlights
Spectacular flight with stunning mountain views
Explore the Ancient Himalayan kingdom of Baltistan
Beautiful walk through the picturesque Skardu and Shigar valley
Trekking to one of the remotest parts of the world, the Karakoram
Walks to K2, Baltoro and Concordia
Base camp at the foot of K2, the Savage Mountain
Amazing first-hand views of K2, Broad Peak, Trango Towers and Gasherbrums.
K2 Base Camp Trek Overview
K2 is the world’s second highest mountain. Among many of the world’s climbing elite, it is considered to be the most challenging summit to reach. K2, also known as the Savage Mountain or the Mountain of Mountains in climbing circles, is part of the Karakoram mountain range which is located in a remote area of Pakistan called Gilgit Baltistan. Getting to this giant on foot is ranked among the most exciting treks there is.

On the K2 base camp trek, you will have the opportunity to share sights and experiences witnessed only by a relative handful of people before you. On no other trekking holiday will you have the opportunity to experience such close-up views of some of the world’s biggest mountains.

You will walk past three of the world’s giants: Broad Peak at 8,047 meters; Gasherbrum slightly higher at 8,080 meters; and, of course, K2 almost half a kilometre higher again at 8,611 meters. Nowhere else on the planet can you stand so close to mountains of this scale.

The K2 base camp trek is one of the most rewarding experiences you will have in your life. But, it is tough, and you wouldn’t want it any other way. You are going to be walking over rugged glaciers as you travel beyond Concordia to the convergence of the Godwin-Austen and Baltoro glaciers. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. There is good reason why you will be among a small band of outsiders to have stepped upon this ice. It is a tough but the rewards are more than worth it.

Trango Adventure have been providing organized K2 base camp treks for several years. We have taken many groups of mountaineering enthusiasts and hikers from all over the world on our K2 base camp trek.

Our experience of working in this remote part of the world ensures that you get the most out of this K2 base camp trek. We have been there and done it – many times. We know the country, we know the people, we know the routes; we can ensure that you get the best K2 trekking experience possible.

Our K2 base camp trek has a planned duration of between 21-23 days. Bespoke packages can be tailored to clients’ specific needs depending on fitness, ability, experience and time available.

Your K2 base camp trek starts in Islamabad, Pakistan, where you will be met by your guide at the international airport. From there, you will be taken to your hotel where you can rest and freshen up. In the afternoon of your arrival day, there will be a trek briefing.

The next day, you will take a short, 45 minutes, flight to Skardu. On the fight you will witness your first views of many of the Himalayan and Karakoram peaks, including K2 and Nanga Parbat.

Once you’ve checked into your hotel, you will have the rest of the day to prepare for the trek. The following morning, you will drive to Askoli, following the Indus, Shigar and Braldu rivers upstream.

After Askoli, there is nothing but the barren wilderness of the Karakoram. Here you camp overnight and have the opportunity to visit the village and its small museum. The village has been there for around 400 years, first settled by people fleeing from tyranny on the other side of the mountains.

After your first night under canvas, you will set off on your approach walk to Paiju Camp. Here, you will be a mere 60 minutes by foot from the toe of the Baltoro glacier and you will have stunning views of Atwa, Liligo Peak, Paiju Peak, Trango and many more famous peaks. The following day you will have your introduction to the Boltoro glacier. Progress will be slow and steady; routes through these moving ice giants are changing continuously as the glacier slowly inches downhill.

Following the Boltoro glacier will eventually lead you to Concordia; the centre of the Karakoram mountains. It is home to some of the world’s most gigantic mountains and glaciers. From here, in all directions, you have the chance to view 10 of the world’s top 30 highest peaks including Broad Peak, Gasherbrum and, of course, K2.

You are now stood in the centre of the largest concentration of 8,000 metre mountains in the world. You will experience something stood here in their midst, something quite cathartic. And it is a feeling that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

You have a night at Concordia, under canvas, and the next morning you will set off for Broad Peak base camp. In our many years of conducting the K2 base camp trek, we have discovered that the majority of groups choose to overnight here before striking out for K2 base camp the next day. This schedule is flexible, so an overnight stay at K2 base camp is optional – but it is the K2 base camp trek, so we recommend an overnight there.

The return leg is the exact opposite of the way out, but you will get a completely different perspective and views approaching from the opposite direction to the outbound trek. In seemingly no time, you will be back in your hotel in Islamabad, just having had a hot shower and delicious meal. And, the one place you will want to be is back at the base of K2, under canvass, cooking your own rations.

We strongly believe that, with our four decades of experience, the majestic Karakoram Mountains and the unique culture of Baltistan will make your “k2 base camp trek” journey once in a life time experience.

Please have a look at our TWO videos about this trek on YouTube, booth videos are taken in July-August 2019. Second video is taken by a member of our K2 and Gondogoro La trek. The links are below.

K2 Base Camp Trek 2019, on Trango Adventure’s YouTube channel.

K2 and Gondogoro La trek 2019, on Trango Adventure’s YouTube channel.

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General Information

Flights Arrives at Islamabad airport from most cities of the world.

Currency: Pakistani Rupee.

Languages: Urdu, Balti and English are widely spoken.

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