Fastest Way to Contact Uber Customer Care Services

Uber is known by all of us, being the largest multinational ride-sharing company. We all have tried out our hands-on services; some of us might have faced difficulties in contacting the Uber Customer Care Number as well. The article below will inform you about some of the fastest ways to contact them in case of emergencies or issues. There are some facts related to its customer care number which its riders must know. Scroll down to explore!

Uber Customer care Access:

There is a hidden fact behind customer care number because not all of its users and riders have access to the same. Uber only gives the option to its premium account holder. The option is visible on the app at Go to Account-Help-Phone Icon. But the contradictory part in this is that the option is not available to all of its customers. Other need to visit the website or get the Help for the same from the Help and Your Trips Section available in the app, at Twitter or

Not only the customers but even drivers also have to face some difficulties in contacting uber services. They have two options available to contact Uber, either through the app or by calling at 1-800-593-7069.

Uber Customer Care Number:

Its quite strange, but uber‘s customer care numbers are only accessible for the premium riders. They can only call the given phone number, and others have to report their issues from other mediums. Uber’s Phone Number provided to their premium riders are 1-800-314-2308.

If you don’t have a premium account, you won’t get connected to the number. To check whether you have access to the number or not, you need to tap on three parallel lines, select Help, and scroll down to Call Support. If you cannot spot the Call Support Options, then the service is not available for your account.

There is an emergency helpline number buried in the app for emergency support services but can only be used in case of serious concerns. Common issues won’t be solved from this number.

Uber Rides Issues:

There is a fact that once your ride with your cab driver is over, he cannot help you with any of the after services. He cannot help you with any issues until you have to find the lost item. Contacting the driver for price issues, extra fees, and fares is thus not a good option. You need to visit the help pages available at the website or app for the benefits.

Fastest Way to Get Help from Uber:

The company has shared some of the fastest ways to contact the officials in case of any misunderstandings. The customer can go to the help section available at the Your Trips tab to get Help for some ride-related issues. After sending your query, you need to wait at least 24 hours for the reply. After you get the Response, you can reply to your query back with an email or get assistance from the Support Messages Feature.

Can Social Media be Considered to Get instant Response?

Apart from these options, customers also have an alternative to getting Support from Uber’s Official social media accounts. For this, they need to follow the official pages on the platform, and they can comment on their query there. But the only thing that you need to keep in mind while checking out the replies is that you only have to rely on the official account’s responses. Thus, social media is an ideal way to contact the company for some ride or other related issues.

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