Give your email deliverability a boost. Here is how?

Give your email deliverability a boost. Here is how

Email marketing has become the talk of the town among digital marketers as a strategy to reach consumers directly, communicate messages, generate leads, grow sales and boost business. Companies, businesses, and organizations spend millions of dollars on email marketing campaigns. An article published by Hub Spot says that in 2020, the global email marketing market value was $7.5 billion and is expected to reach $17.9 billion by 2027.

But your emails are useless if they don’t reach the user’s primary inbox.

If your email engagement matrices are continuously dropping, emails are ending up in the spam folder, the open rate is deteriorating, and the bounce rate is increasing, then there is a severe issue with your email deliverability.

What is email deliverability, and how to improve it? This article answers all your questions.

What is Email Deliverability?

Email deliverability is the ability to deliver your emails to the primary inbox of the recipients instead of the spam or junk folder. It is important metric to determine the success of email campaigns. The greater the email deliverability, the greater the likelihood of the success of email marketing campaigns.
Determining email deliverability is a complex phenomenon as it depends on multiple factors such as sender score, domain reputation, email reputation, IP address reputation, email list quality, email frequency and others.

It is important to understand that email deliverability and delivery rate are different. The delivery rate indicates the number of emails received by prospects in general, even if the emails land in the spam or junk folder. In contrast, email deliverability reflects the number of emails landed in the recipient’s primary inbox. It does not include emails that landed in the recipient’s spam folder. It possible that you might have a good delivery rate bud a very bad email deliverability rate. It is important to check email deliverability to improve email campaigns performance.

The goal of every email marketer is to reach a 100% email deliverability rate; however, it doesn’t happen in reality. According to the Return Path, the global average email deliverability rate is 79%. This means that, on average, the email service provider sends 21 out of 100 emails to the spam folder. Generally, an email deliverability rate of more than 95% is considered as good.

How to achieve a good email deliverability rate?

Before jumping to the strategies to improve email deliverability, it is important to understand factors that decrease email deliverability.

Factors Adversely Affecting Email Deliverability

Here are some of the factors that adversely affect the email deliverability rate.

Low sender score and email reputation
Low open rate
High bounce rate
Low-quality email list
Clone phishing attacks
High complaint rate
Low engagement rate
Excessive use of spam triggering words in the subject line
A sudden increase in the number of emails sent

Once you know the factor that affects email deliverability, it is time to work on strategies to improve email deliverability rate.

Following are discussed some of the proven strategies to improve email deliverability rate.

Top 8 Proven Strategies to Improve Email Deliverability

You can increase your return on investment and improve email marketing performance by following the following effective email marketing best practices.

Send emails to a highly engaged email list

The average click rate for emails sent during email marketing campaigns is 5-6%, and it can vary with the industry. Sending emails to an email list with a high engagement rate is a proven strategy to increase your email deliverability. A high engagement rate email list determines that the recipients are interested in your product or service and want to listen to you. If you send emails to email addresses that are not interested in your product and services, then it is very unlikely that they will open your email. Hence, sending emails to a highly engaged email list is the smartest and the most effective strategy to improve your email reputation and email deliverability rate.

Keep your contact list clean

Email list plays an important role in the success of the email campaign success. This list contains all the business email addresses and other email addresses where you want to send email. If this email list contains email addresses that are dormant or inactive, then it will increase your bounce rate, affecting your email deliverability rate adversely. Moreover, it is also imperative to keep your email list clean from wrong or misspelled email addresses as it also increases the bounce rate. If your bounce rate increases more than 5%, then it negatively affects your email deliverability rate. Most email service providers penalize if your bounce rate is more than 5%. Hence, maintaining a clean email list is crucial to reducing bounce rates and improving email deliverability.

Check your sender reputation

This is one of the most important factors that ESPs use to determine whether the email is spam email or not. A sender reputation score is a score from 0 to 100 that ESP gives to the sender. It determines the credibility and worthiness of the sender. The greater the sender reputation score, the greater the likelihood of email landing in the recipient’s primary inbox. Hence, checking sender reputation and maintaining a good sender reputation score is imperative to improve email deliverability.

Warm up your email account

In addition to a sender reputation score, email reputation, and IP address reputation are also important factors based on which your ESP decides whether to land your email in the primary inbox or the spam filter. An ideal way to improve IP address reputation is to warm up your email account. If you send emails with a new IP address, you need to warm up the email account. You can do it by sending emails from the new IP in small batches and increasing it over the course of time. This helps in increasing IP address reputation. The greater the IP address reputation, the greater the probability of your email landing in the recipient’s primary mailbox.

Send the right number of emails

Sending the right number of emails is also an effective strategy to increase your email deliverability. If you send too few or too many emails, both will adversely affect your email deliverability. If you send a lot of emails each day, then this will exhaust your subscribers. They will start ignoring your emails. Therefore, only send emails when you have an important message to communicate with your recipients. Similarly, if you send emails once in a while, it also adversely affects email deliverability. A very few emails can kill your credibility. Hence, send the right number of emails to improve email deliverability.

Avoid spam triggering words

ESP uses multiple techniques and strategies to identify spam emails. The analysis of the spam emails shows that there are certain words that spam email senders frequently use. If you are using these spam filters triggering words in your email subject line, then your ESP might send your emails into the recipient’s junk folder. It is imperative for email marketers to be aware of these spam-triggering words to improve email deliverability. Some examples of spam triggering words are “free”, “sale”, “great offer”, “price”, and others. You can find more spam-triggering words here.

Send emails only to people who gave you permission

Although purchasing or renting an email list is legal; however, it is not recommended. If you rent, scrape, or purchase an email list, then such a list might contain email addresses that are not interested in your product or service. If you constantly send emails to such email accounts, then they might report your email as spam or show no interaction with your emails. Low engagements and higher spam report adversely affect email deliverability. Hence, to improve email deliverability, make an email list through subscription and only send emails to people who are voluntarily ready to receive messages from you.

Use tools to enhance email deliverability

There are multiple tools available that you can use to boost your email deliverability. These tools bypass the spam folder and land your email in the recipient’s primary inbox. Pribox is an example of such a tool. It makes you rise above the noise and reach the priority mailbox. It optimizes your sender reputation, warms up your domain and prevents your mail from being stuck in spam.

Good email deliverability is essential for an effective email marketing campaign. Use any of the strategies mentioned above to boost your email deliverability and communicate your message to millions of people directly.

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