How to design the perfect guest room

How to design the perfect guest room

Creating a perfect guest room to spend your holidays with the people you love and are closest to. It is sometimes uncomfortable for them to have a home-like experience. Being a good host also includes creating a comfortable living space for your guest as a hospitality service. Even if they might stay for one day or even for a few days, creating a comfortable place should be your goal. In the given article, we have suggested some of the best ways you can create a comfortable living space for your guests.

To create a welcoming guest room, some tips we have listed below:

  • Decorate your room in an unpretentious manner. You don’t have to do anything fancy. Instead, decorate the room with the decorations that you need. Do not make the room look over-designed but feel free to add your personal touch.
  • If you have stored anything in the closet, make sure you empty the storage and shift and keep the closet ready for your guest to use. Also, keep the drawers empty, so your guest can feel at home and store their things.
  • If your guest room only consists of a bed, it would be a good choice if you could set up a small working table where they can easily be able to do their work and make them feel a personal work area. Make sure the table is positioned in a place where you have extra sockets for charging their laptop. Equip the table with some stationary and use a comfortable chair for them to sit.
  • If possible, it would be best to place a coffee maker or tea maker in the room as it will save them the time to search around the house looking for things.
  • If your guest is someone who has visited you for the first time and plans to visit the places where you go. It would be best to note down some of the best places like cafes, restaurants, sights they should explore. Also, you could leave the contact number of your home or other family members who they can contact when you’re unavailable.
  • Give them your Internet or Wi-Fi password. This will be very helpful for them and also make them feel welcomed. Also, please list all the emergency numbers for them.
  • When it comes to the Bathroom, it is the essential part of the house. You could fill the bathroom essentials and keep them already for them. It’s their choice if they want to use it. You could keep a new towel, shampoos, conditioner, razors, sunscreen, and other essentials. You could keep them all together in a basket that also catches their attention. Keep your bathroom counters and draws clean.
  • When the guest room is not in use, the room is prone to be filled with dust. Clean your room thoroughly once in a while and change all the bedsheets, pillow, clean hand towels, washcloth, and keep the bedroom nice and chic.
  • In the room, make sure to keep extra bed sheets, covers, pillows, and blankets stored for them. One can create the most comfortable and cozy environment by using soft blankets, mattresses, and pillows.
  • You can also make any additional changes you need, like adding lamps and Tv and other items to make them feel more at home.

The furniture you might like to choose if you’re looking to make a comfortable guest room one could use sofa beds as they are very functional and have multipurpose functions. This is the best idea for those with small guest rooms. You could also keep a luggage rack where the guest can keep their empty suitcases. Finally, you can add a place for them to keep their shoes and other footwear.

To add an extra chic look, you can keep beside the bed a table where you can arrange water and an empty glass for them. You can also add flowers in their room before they arrive if they are not allergic to flowers or pollen. Finally, use scented candles and Ambient light settings to make your guest room look more appealing and comfortable.


A cozy guest room does not end here. There are many other things you need to do besides providing them with a cozy room. Make them feel at home and ask them if they have any prior needs that you could help them arrange for their stay. Know about their likes and dislikes, and maybe if you could work around that, it would be great. In general, these are the tips we have mentioned that help you create a cozy and welcoming feature for your guest room. Be prepared before the holiday season starts because you may never know when you can expect an unexpected guest for a stay.

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